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Occupy Spokane Rally Speech

Occupy Rally speech September 15, 2012
What a DAY! What a day to be ALIVE!
We are here because this is the first full year for Occupy Spokane!
And because the game is rigged! Wealth is power and power is control.
It’s always all about POWER! They have it . We want it! So let’s be wise and Organize! Take power for the people! Take it to the streets!
It’s our time. We are the 99%! It’s time to do it!
We are being lied to by our government every day. We want truth, Not truthiness and fuzzy numbers!
Unemployment 15 Million or 20+ Million ? 8% or 15% or 22% ? Does anybody believe there’s just 8% unemployment? No!
Take their pants off and set ‘em on fire! Call them LIARS! It’s time to do it!
You know what the F word is on Wall Street and DC? Fraud! Has anybody in the system gone to jail for Fraud? Fraud is stealing! Call them Fraudsters! Say it!
The definition of a psychopath is “a person with a personality which is amoral with antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love, extreme ego, doesn’t learn from experience, antisocial, often criminal, who lacks a social conscience.” Why, that’s the banksters!
These banksters and corporation CEO are psychopaths! They have lost their humanity! They’re immoral! In your guts you know they’re nuts! Call ‘em out! It’s time to do it!
How do they control the country? Billions for campaign contributions and lobbying. They call them investments! We call it Bribery!
They have the money! Trillions……..unlimited wealth? The banksters have always controlled the government.
Chant: Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo. They are Organized Crime!
Famous line of the 1% is,”Only the little people pay taxes”! The 1% evade ‘em or ignore ‘em! Corporations owe no allegiance to the US. They’re mostly Multinational. Make ‘em pay! It’s time to do it!
You’ve heard of the free market? There has never has been a free market! That is phony! It should be called the 1% market.
The 1% own more than 40% of the nation’s wealth. They are the people who own the country and run the country! We can’t let them put the young people in debt for life to get an education!
The top .01% is just 15,000 households. That’s the real control group! Average income: $25 million a year. No scandals because they own the media! Call them psychopaths! It’s time to do it!
The workers are the job creators, the profit makers! They create the goods and services! And they buy them too! But the more productive we become the less we earn now! It isn’t supposed to be that way!
They off shore and robot jobs! There will be no jobs to go back to! They threw out the social contract! Let’s put it back! It’s time to do it!
Change always starts in the streets! Until then all you get is gossip!
We, the 99%, take to the streets to gain our freedom from the intrusive, oppressive and tyrannical control over our lives by the 1%! It’s time to do it!
Now, let’s go change the world.

Maybe in the new year, a galvanizing global moment of truth will happen … be ready for it … prepare!

Persuasion, Psychos, and Empathy

Empathy is what sets human beings apart from all other creatures.  Whales may have bigger brains and mosquitoes may be more prolific but no other creatures are able to put themselves in the shoes of others and experience how they might feel.  Empathy is basic to effective persuasion.

Neuroscience has proven this to be true in recent years through the use of the fMRI (The functional Magnetic Resonance  Imaging  technology).  Human beings are born, with very rare exceptions, with the mirror neurons in the brain that enable us to experience, at an emotional level, the hopes, fears and emotional reactions of others.  That results in caring about the experiences of others and that has profound social and political outcomes. Read the rest of this entry