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A Rally Speech

I post this as a model for giving a rallyspeech so people can get enthused and encouraged at large (or small) gatherings.
It is so important to keep interest and excitement up if good public participation is the goal!

What a DAY!
A day for ACTION! It’s time for Action! Say that! Work with me! When I say that, you say it!
It’s time for Action! I can’t hear you! AGAIN!
OK! So, what is to be done?
It is important to dive in and work with your passion and with your friends who share that passion. The opportunities are all around you here today! Honor and work for Mother Earth and protect her! Go to the table of your choice and sign up! It’s time for ACTION!
But it takes more than energy and commitment. We have to develop power to make things happen!
Remember, it is always all about power! The rich and the powerful have wealth but we have people for our power!
So we need to be wise and organize! Organizing is so tough to do but it is the action most worth doing! It is hard work but we don’t need Viagra to keep it up! Read the rest of this entry

The Future—My Credo

What is wealth? Wealth is surplus. The wealth of the world is diminishing. The wealth of the world, so far, is its natural resources. At one time there was a surplus of natural resources for the people who lived on the planet. Now there are too many people for the resources that are left. Even the renewable resources (the sun and its result, wind) are in short supply because they need the finite resources to access them. Agriculture is limited by the need of finite resources to make it abundant.

What we have is the diminishing of the food for economic growth. With heightened technology we may be able to ration the resources and spread them out thinner and make them last longer. But they are finite and as they become more rare they become more expensive to produce. The days of cheap resources are over. Read the rest of this entry