I post this as a model for giving a rallyspeech so people can get enthused and encouraged at large (or small) gatherings.
It is so important to keep interest and excitement up if good public participation is the goal!

What a DAY!
A day for ACTION! It’s time for Action! Say that! Work with me! When I say that, you say it!
It’s time for Action! I can’t hear you! AGAIN!
OK! So, what is to be done?
It is important to dive in and work with your passion and with your friends who share that passion. The opportunities are all around you here today! Honor and work for Mother Earth and protect her! Go to the table of your choice and sign up! It’s time for ACTION!
But it takes more than energy and commitment. We have to develop power to make things happen!
Remember, it is always all about power! The rich and the powerful have wealth but we have people for our power!
So we need to be wise and organize! Organizing is so tough to do but it is the action most worth doing! It is hard work but we don’t need Viagra to keep it up!
It’s time for ACTION!
Go to the folks and volunteer to fight the coal trains and to save Mother Earth in the Powder River Basin. They are wounding HER! They are destroying our natural world to make a few people rich. We can’t let them do it! It’s EVIL! It’s IMMORAL! It’s time for ACTION!
Water! Our rivers and the water below the ground are LIFE ITSELF! And it belongs to all of us! Don’t let them take it from us to dilute their industrial wastes! Sign up! Truth is our power! Spread the truth!
It’s time for ACTION!
War won’t protect our planet! And are we going to have to register our pressure cookers?
There is the poison of uranium in our land. It runs into our streams and under Mother Earth. It will be with us for thousands of years! Work with these folks who have fought it for decades. Think about the animals! It’s time for ACTION!
How do we do it? We unite! We use political action like Walt talked about today. We tell the truth and make ‘em squirm! It is past time to just be bold. It’s time for non-violence. Time to get arrested!
It’s time for ACTION!

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