Why are political debates so dull and boring?  I had trouble staying awake at the most recent one with Jay Inslee and Rob Mckenna.  Maybe I was over medicated!  It may be that the exchanges are so brief that no one has the time to develop a good argument let alone a good story.  Stories are what create drama and excitement and memorable confrontations.   We are not talking about “gotcha” lines or phrases.  We are talking about human beings who have authentic humanity and passion.   Something has been lost when the facts and issues are boiled down to ninety seconds or even thirty seconds.

And what has happened to ability of the audience to participate in the moment?  Are we to sit like bumps on a log as the “battle” goes on before us?  Are we trying to drain all emotion out of a situation that has almost become clinical in an antiseptic atmosphere?  Politics is tuning into bad theater! Read the rest of this entry