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The Evolution of the Planet

This is a finite planet with finite resources! Hello! There are limits!

Fire came first, then the stone age (obsidian), then the copper/bronze age and then the iron age then the energy age from 1850 on…….

From 1850 on the main source of energy is fossil fuel. Renewable WOOD was the source of energy before!

This is the industrial age. Resource depletion really started here.

Resource depletion accelerates as technology improves. Example:OIL!

The planet is Easter Island writ large! All “civilizations” are Easter Island.

The main source of wealth is the exploitation of non-renewable, finite, resources now. Sustainable resources are a minor part of wealth creation.
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The Future—My Credo

What is wealth? Wealth is surplus. The wealth of the world is diminishing. The wealth of the world, so far, is its natural resources. At one time there was a surplus of natural resources for the people who lived on the planet. Now there are too many people for the resources that are left. Even the renewable resources (the sun and its result, wind) are in short supply because they need the finite resources to access them. Agriculture is limited by the need of finite resources to make it abundant.

What we have is the diminishing of the food for economic growth. With heightened technology we may be able to ration the resources and spread them out thinner and make them last longer. But they are finite and as they become more rare they become more expensive to produce. The days of cheap resources are over. Read the rest of this entry

Listen to the River

How fortunate we are to have a river like the Spokane running right through our city. Can you imagine Phoenix or Chicago or any other city in the world with a river as big as this that creates three waterfalls within earshot of city hall? But our river needs help.

So my message is: Go listen to the river.

And when you listen you will find it speaks in tones so plain and childlike it will be hard to tell if the sounds are sung or spoken. The cataracts are calling out that it wants to run clean and free. Read the rest of this entry