Matt Shea is a firearms nutcase.  We can’t wait to see him arm himself again when the traffic is not to his liking.

But Matt is not a one event talent.  His ability to hyper ventilate while abusing his former wife and his anger at fellow legislators has made a real reputation for this political radical.

We are waiting to see him refuse to pay his income tax like his Sovereign Nation conspirators.  Shea’s radical belief systems compel him to challenge any commonly accepted political principles and make him forget to get a concealed weapons permit or maybe he was doing that on purpose!

We can probably regard Matt Shea as an extreme Libertarian with a fascist streak running through the middle.  But he may go beyond that though with the gun fetish.  The gun in the car was loaded so he may be seeing “boogymen” that are out to get him.  We are looking at rather psychotic behavior here.  Has he lost his empathy?  That is the real test of who is a psycho.   Can he love?  Can he imagine the feelings of others?  Is self interest his main focus?  Can he play with others?

It is time to call him out as either a sociopath or a real psychopath.



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