Everyone knows, or should know that when you use the internet, especially for email etc. that it is available to almost anyone in the world.
But to have the government spy and record everything that goes on is clearly against the fourth amendment. The ACLU is finally getting around to challenge the constitutionality of the Patriot Act. What took so long for them and others?

Article 4: People have the right to be free, in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, from unreasonable searches and seizures, and no warrants may issue without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and specifically describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
The catch is (there is always a catch, right?) that the government can get around this by having private contractors do the dirty work. That’s what’s going on! In the current situation the government hired the contractor who hired Edward Snowden to violate the fourth amendment. Paid him and the corporation well to do that.
Now you might ask why the members of congress didn’t step in to make sure this wasn’t happening. Christopher Pyle a former employee of NSA who was a whistle blower before Richard Millhouse, Obama started persecuting them, has this to say.

“Well, we all want to protect the security of the country. We all want to protect the Constitution. But when government agencies are totally unaccountable, we can’t do that. Members of Congress do not go to those briefings, even if they’re offered, because once you go to the briefing, then you can’t talk about what you’ve been told, because it’s classified. So the briefing system is designed to silence Congress, not to promote effective oversight.
Members of Congress don’t want to spend time on oversight. They’re too busy raising money. New members of the House of Representatives this winter were told by the Democratic Campaign Committee that they should spend between four and six hours a day dialing for dollars. They have no time to do the public’s business. They’re too busy begging for money. President Obama himself attended 220 fundraisers last year. Where does he get the time to be president when he’s spending so much time asking wealthy people for money to support his campaign?”

So there you have it. The terrorist always knew that the government was doing what it was doing. Just like the case of the early drone assassinations the government was doing something “in secret” that everybody who was concerned knew about but the government wouldn’t admit. Is this crazy or what? What information is “secret” and “illegal” and really in need of “secret” status?

But there is a difference between Google knowing what you are interested in and the government knowing everything that Google, Amazon and others know. The government has the power to retaliate if you do something that the powerful don’t like. After all, the secrecy thing is mostly about keeping embarrassing actions from coming out. And the whole idea of punishing the whistleblower and not the messenger who gets out the information strikes most people as the height of hypocrisy!

This is really all about freedom of the press/media and not about whistleblowing.

The reality is that the government is corrupt in the extreme right now and it is almost completely subservient to the rich and powerful elite.

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