This is a finite planet with finite resources! Hello! There are limits!

Fire came first, then the stone age (obsidian), then the copper/bronze age and then the iron age then the energy age from 1850 on…….

From 1850 on the main source of energy is fossil fuel. Renewable WOOD was the source of energy before!

This is the industrial age. Resource depletion really started here.

Resource depletion accelerates as technology improves. Example:OIL!

The planet is Easter Island writ large! All “civilizations” are Easter Island.

The main source of wealth is the exploitation of non-renewable, finite, resources now. Sustainable resources are a minor part of wealth creation.

So financial growth as we have known it is history in the world.
We still have population growth and the growth of debt.
The amount of wealth that is being created is beginning to CONTRACT!
Specific places may still grow, economically.

As resources deplete they become more difficult to obtain and that makes them more expensive. That means they take up more of human resources to obtain them.

We are running out of resources so there will be a fight for what is left.

Will human being become extinct? Probably not but the history of “civilizations” is that they wither away to a much smaller size.

Human beings need drinkable water, food and shelter. There are 7.3 billion of us now. DISTRIBUTION OF THE WEALTH WILL BE THE MAIN, FUTURE PROBLEM THE WORLD MUST FACE.
The pie can’t be made bigger anymore.

This all means that there are major changes ahead. Things will be different but not, necessarily, worse.

by Bart Haggin

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