Our moral mission is to spread the word that government is to protect and empower all citizens equally!  And it must be a deeply held MORAL MISSION.  It must have feeling and emotion behind it.  We think too much and feel too little.  You have to have the emotional commitment to your philosophy in order to connect with others at an emotional level.  That is the only way you can reach them!

The conservative take is that Democracy is to provide citizens with maximum liberty to pursue their self interest with little or no commitment to the interests of others.  Citizens are free to sink or swim on their own.  YOYO  You’re on your own!

My problem with this election is that it is incredibly borrrrrrrrrrrring!  There is no soaring rhetoric or exciting happenings.  Certainly the Republicans have taken a snooze.  They seem lackluster at best.  We despair to watch most of them mouth the same old shibboleths over and over.  Smaller government, individual responsibility and lower taxes, ad nauseum!  Don’t they ever get tired of that?  But we easily pigeon hole them with that claptrap and it is burned into the collective memory, even when we are disgusted by it.  But there is a message there.

It is up to the progressives to be equally adept at stating, simply, their credo.  And there it is, at the start of this piece.  Three parts, all in one sentence that is easily remembered and worth repeating!  It is a philosophical and moral statement and is not about policy so it doesn’t turn people off like the conservative credo.  It makes sense and has a nice flow to it.  It even has a certain beauty to it that expresses humanity’s aspirations.    It is a caring statement that reinforces the idea of cooperation and equality.

The media is no longer interested in philosophy and the big picture so it makes an unnecessarily long political process even longer.   Increasingly we see these “journalist” as prostitutes and stenographers!  They want a “close election” and plot winners and losers to keep the game going but they have to strain to keep their putrid prose from becoming bedding for the bottom of the bird cage even though it, figuratively, goes there anyway.  They know who butters their bread and they worship the chance for celebrity for themselves in case they get a chance to kiss the right body parts.  We look in vain for great thinking in the lamestream media.

And the research shows us the weakening impact of television yet millions are squandered on it in spite of fewer and fewer viewers and a gigantic number of “channels”!  TEVO and other viewing manipulators are such that advertisers are moving on to internet communication.  People are standing in line to spend big bucks for alternatives to TV.  Tradition dies hard though and certain big events are still attractive.  But ads/commercials are less and less effective.  Detroit is worried because the younger generation is turning off to cars for the first time as they turn on to lap tops and hand held devices.  When will we ever learn?

It is time to accept strange new ways to communicate with some of the old ideas like repetition and memory still showing the way to success in politics, community, family and business.

And let us not forget now:

Our moral mission is to spread the word that government is to protect and empower all citizens equally!



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